Constellation: Interconnections


CONSTELLATION: interconnections;
In city, I feel my spirit is contained. Like neon inside the glass, they form my brain. But I recently discovered it's a heatless fire, like nicknames they give themselves to uninspire. Begin with bullet, now add fire to the proof. But I'm still not sure if fear's a rival or close relative to truth. Either way it helps to hear these words bounce off of you. The softest echo could be enough for me to make it through.
Dwight G. Stone

d.g.stone We can make the good thing keep happening. @m.j.portwood

Marianna J. Portwood

m.j.portwood To catch him smile is like to catch polar lights in summer. So you are welcome. @d.g.stone

Steven C. Clancy

s.c.clancy The enemies. @x.a.lifeless & @e.d.denever

Ethan D. Denever

e.d.denever The hideout. #homesweethome

Xena A. Lifeless

x.a.lifeless The paranormal human. @s.c.clancy

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